"I'm against anything that's against people! Cruelty -- brutality -- exploitation... These are the enemies of the people -- The enemies of Anarky!"

Lonnie Machin, alias 'Anarky', is a DC Comics superhero/anti-villain created by the late Alan Grant and Norm Breyfogle. Making his debut in the pages of Detective Comics (1937) in November of 1989, Lonnie was inspired by the likes of V from Alan Moore's 'V for Vendetta" and Chopper from 'Judge Dredd', and, after his debut, was intended by his creators to take up the mantle of 'Robin' after the death of Batman sidekick Jason Todd. However, the duo was unaware that writers Marv Wolfman and Pat Broderick's own character, Tim Drake, was already slated to become the next boy wonder, and Lonnie remained a relative antagonist and thorn in the Gotham City bourgeoisie (and Batman)'s side until his last appearance pre-Flashpoint in 2011. He would go on to star in two solo series (of varying success), team up with Oliver Queen's Green Arrow, and eventually develop as a foil to Tim Drake's Robin until his kidnapping at the hands of Ulysses Hadrian Armstrong at the tail end of Robin (1993). He would come to aid Tim's Red Robin under the hacker and info-jockey identity 'Moneyspider' until the DCU reset.

Below is a complete annotated guide to all of Lonnie's major pre-Flashpoint appearances. All of my personal favorites will be starred with an asterisk. I hope you come to love this character, or at least think a little more about him, as much as I do. Happy reading!


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Illustrations and Extras

Some of my favorite illustrations and merchandise of pre-reboot Anarky.

Illustration by Norm Breyfogle

Illustration by Norm Breyfogle

1. Batman: Saga of the Dark Knight - Series 1 (1994) Trading Cards. #87 - Anarky / Law (Illustration by Graham Nolan)

2. DC Villains: Dark Judgement - Series 1 (1995) Trading Cards. #48 - Anarky (Illustration by Bill Sienkiewicz)